The Masterminds

At the helm are the extremely talented and diligent, Mr Rajeev Juneja and Vinay Juneja, who as founders, bring in an experience of over 40 years in the industry, are continuously and tirelessly creating world class garments.

Envogue strives to continuously reengineer its production and sourcing processes in order to make sure that only the best reaches its clients, in the least possible turnaround time, making sure that all the orders are dealt with utmost priorities.

What we do

Our dedicated team ensures quality along with timely delivery, as we understand the pressure of timelines. We believe in always working hand in hand with our clients so as to ensure that design and production process is as seamless and swift as possible. Providing bespoke services, exceptional quality, utmost care & practical timelines, we strive to surpass new standards everyday and in everything we do.

Our brand, Exit Sports is an established name in the Indian market, catering to over 40 schools and retail stores. Our continuous investment in fabric, technological innovation and design, gives out work wear clothing that is at the pinnacle of quality and finesse. It is styled to be comfortable and sophisticated and is bound to make great impressions.

While we are growing our marketing channels and brands, we are also expanding further on our fundamental businesses – building up on existing and new business relationships.

Spreading wings from our initial forte, i.e. supplying all that was required by a particular brand, we now wish to expand our business and focus upon developing a broader customer base of high-value brands.